Chainda Day Care Centre

Chainda is a township suburb of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia which has an estimated population of 3-4 million. The majority of families in the townships – known as “compounds” in Zambia – live on US$2 per day. Public facilities in the townships are basic; the supply of water and electricity is erratic and haphazard; most households are not connected to any kind of regular source of water or power.

The Chainda Day Care Centre for special needs children is the only such facility available to the families involved. All the families lack the resources needed to access the privately operated health or special needs services in Lusaka. Approximately 30 children aged between 5 and 12 attend the Centre each day. They encompass a range of disabilities physical and mental.

Some of the children attending Chainda Day Care Centre have difficult disabilities. To manage the learning and playing environment in such a situation it is essential to secure the services of a suitably qualified and experienced special needs teacher supported by a small number of voluntary helpers. The parish and the parents of the children attending the Centre are very happy with the performance of the newly recruited teacher who commenced work in January 2016.