Flamboyant Special School, Mazabuka, Zambia.

The Flamboyant Special School, named for the flamboyant trees, is located in Mazabuka, Zambia. The school serves children with special needs from the Mazabuka area. A grant from Power4Good supports transport to school for many children attending from a wide catchment area. The guarantee of a regular, reliable and safe transport gives the children, parents and teachers alike hope for the future. Since the school opened (2013) the number of parents bringing their children has greatly increased. The ability to attend school also heightens awareness in the wider community regarding the dignity and rights of children with disability.

Power4Good Grant for support of bus transport for children with special needs at Flamboyant Special School in Mazabuka - Report from Sr. Andrea, November 2017.

We received a grant from you and began using the funds (for support of bus transport) in January 2017 when the school opened for the new academic year.

Due to this grant, we were able to bring the children to school each day and home in the evening. The children attending the Special Needs School come from a wide catchment area of 10 Km and without this bus transport there is no opportunity for these children to attend school. Many of the children are unable to walk due to disabilities such as Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy while others have mentally challenging conditions.

We have received ten (10) new children this year. We have the total number of seventy six (76) children.

The Ministry of Education has given the school a centre number for examinations. This examination qualifies children to go to the next step.

All the teachers at the school are qualified in Special Education and the Ministry of Education pays their salaries.The Ministry are very positive about the quality of service provided for the special needs children.

We wish to thank you for the grant.

Sr. Andrea