Sunshine Zambia Project

The Sunshine Zambia Project in Lusaka is a pilot project being run by the Sani Foundation, a Zambian organisation working to facilitate the full inclusion of persons with intellectual disability (ID) into all aspects of society in Zambia.

The Sunshine Zambia Project provides education and training to prepare teenagers and young adults with intellectual disability for employment and independence within their community. The programme offers creative and vocational skills development, literacy and numeracy, arts and crafts, computers and technology training, music, dance and drama, adaptive and social skills and various sports and outdoor activities.

Products made, many from local or recycled  materials, are sold to the public at the project centre and at public events such as local markets and fairs.

The Sunshine Zambia Project has also established a parent support group to provide parents with rights based training on disability. Through this work it is hoped to build a network of advocates and champions for ID who have a real understanding of the issues and challenges that persons with ID can face.

The success of the Sunshine Zambia Project will be an opportunity to influence and bring about change in policy and legislation, to promote the development of a labour market and a work environment that is open and inclusive to persons with disabilities and protects the rights of person with disabilities.